Due to the global epidemic, the infrastructure of mines in the United States is very slow. RHYBOX's flexibility, low cost, fast speed, maintenance and operation have become the first choice for the mining circle!

Mining boxes are used in large-scale mining farms, natural gas power mining, and small-scale factory power mining. The mining boxes are used to quickly build and start the machine directly!

The mine box mine will be a very important mainstream market in the Bitcoin mining industry!

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RHY BOX--It has been focusing on the Bitcoin mining box manufacturing process since 2017, and started the design and manufacture of oil-cooled mining boxes in 2022; it has 273 technical patents and 6 invention patents.

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All accessories are certified by UL,
and you can buy insurance through
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Video introduction

BOX Line Vide


BOX Line Video

BOX installation


BOX installation

BOX Shipping


BOX Shipping

High quality accessories are from industry brands

  • MCCB


  • Current Transformer

    Yichuang Electronics

  • Surge Protector


RHY BOX live

BOX live

RHY BOX live

Both provide spot and 45 day futures, which can be paid in installments, or only need to pay half of the cost, and the other half is used as investment to invest in the mine

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