QHow to buy RHY BOX?

A: You can send your purchase inquiry to info@rhybox.com directly, leave your contact information, such as Email, phone number or Whatapp, we will reply you after we receiving your inquiry.

QWhen can I get the price?

A: We usually quote within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. If you are very urgent about the price, please call us or let us know in your email so we can prioritize your request.

QHow much is the express shipping cost for the RHY BOX?

A:RHY BOX provides free shipping within US. For the overseas shipping, RHY BOX cooperates with professional logistical company, the express shipping fee depends on the weight and size, destination and other related factors.

QHow long is the delivery time of RHY BOX spot trading?

A:After you pay the fee and send us the confirmation document, RHY box will be ready for delivery within 2-3 days. box will be sent to you by courier and will arrive within 5-15 working days.

QHow long is the delivery time of RHY BOX future trading?

A:After you pay the fee and send us the confirmation document, the box will be ready for delivery within 14 days. box will be sent to you and will arrive within 3-5months.

QWhat’s RHY BOX payment term?

A:The first down payment is 50% , The remaining 50% will be paid upon delivery, The balance can be paid in six months.

Q What is the size and weight of the RHY BOX

A: RHY BOX 1.6 MW size is: L 11950 mm*W 2300mm*H2980mm, Weight is 6000KG
RHY BOX 1.2 MW size is: L 11640 mm*W 2200mm*H2200mm, Weight is 6000KG

Q How many mining machines can be placed in each container?

A: RHY BOX 1.6 MW can place 432 units mining machines.
RHY BOX 1.2 MW can place 348 units mining machines.

Q What security certifications have the containers passed?

A: RHY BOX passed the CCC/CSA certification and key components all pass the UL certification.

QWhat’s the cooling method of RHY BOX?

A:RHY BOX have different cooling method, which include the air-cooling series and oil-cooling series, you can select different series box according your requirements.

QIs RHY BOX easy to transport and install?

A:RHY BOX can be disassembled and assembled, no crane operation is required, and can be assembled freely save freight, 4 boxes can be disassembled into a container for transportation, and transportation is only 1/4 of the cost. It can be disassembled into the room and reassembled, and the average price is much low.

QWhat are the advantages of RHY BOX?

A: RHY BOX has below advantages:

  • Assembly type, easy construction and operation
  • Good protection for harsh environments
  • Miniaturization & Flexible Moving
  • Sufficient inventory to support fast spot sales
  • Localized one stop services.

QHow to install after the BOX arriving destination?

A:For the spot trading, we have finished the key framework installation already, no need much installation after shipping to your farm. For the future trading, we will provide detailed illustration photos and videos to customer, If it is required, we can send technicians to help customer installation, but the buyer should be pay related expense of technicians during this period, which including the visa fee, air tickets, accommodation, wages.

QHow long time does the installation need after the goods arriving destination?

A: Only 6 hours you can finish the RHY BOX installation and start the operation after arriving destination.

QIf it is possible to change the RHY BOX configuration?

A:RHY BOX configuration is a comprehensive planning scheme for north American power and daily operation needs, we don’t support the configuration change without special requirement. You can pay more attention to the new product notice published on RHY BOX website.

QHow to Maintain when RHY BOX doesn’t work?

A:Full preparations have been made for RHY BOX's development, from the redundant design of electrical equipment to the backup of key components, fully ensure the quality of the RHY BOX. In addition, RHY BOX has set up a professional maintenance team in the United States to provide professional post-sales service.

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